Even apartment dwellers can grow their own food: 5 Foods to Grow Inside

The easiest way to save food on your groceries is……to not pay for them!

The easiest way to not pay for your food is….to grow your own!

This is sometimes easier said than done: if you don’t have a backyard or a balcony, chances are, you don’t have enough sunlight for tomato plants.

Apartment dwellers need to get more creative with their space and light. Here are xxxx ways to grow your own food in an apartment:

You don’t need a sprout kit, but it’s less messy you have one
  • Basil. Really, there are many herbs that do not need a lot of sunlight and can thrive in small pots, but I list basil because I love the aromatics of basil, especially on a homemade pizza!
  • Lettuce. You can treat indoor lettuce plants almost the way you do sprouts – let them grow a little, and cut the leaves when they’re young. And bonus points – they grow back. How’s that for the gift that keeps on giving! I plant lettuce seeds in a long, shallow pot and sit it on the windowsill… even on a north-facing windowsill.
  • You can grow root vegetables inside like carrots and potatoes. Potatoes are probably the easiest, since you’re continuously packing more dirt on top to encourage more upward growth, and therefore more potatoes, but the fact is, no apartment I’ve ever lived in have I had superfluous amounts of space to give up to potato grow bags. Frankly, I’ve never been tempted to give up living space to potato grow bags in any house I’ve ever lived in. But it can be done, if that’s your priority. If you want to give it a try, read this article.
  • Mushrooms. You can absolutely grow mushrooms since they need zero light. These are forest floor-dwellers, after all. But I hate mushrooms, blech! Besides, they look way fussy and not nearly as simple as growing sprouts!

Happy gardening!

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Photo by Artem Bulbfish on Pexels.com